Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is Installing an Antique Chandelier Hard

So now that you have finally decided to purchase an antique french chandelier you are probably wondering just how difficult it is to install an antique french chandelier. Your probably wondering this because you see some companies charging lots of money to install your chandelier for you. You are probably wondering if you can install the chandelier yourself and save a boatload of money so here we will take a look at the difficulties in installing an antique chandelier.

Installing Antique French Chandelier

Now we should take a look at all the possible obstacles you'll run into when installing your chandelier.

1. One of the first problems you'll probably discover is that the chandelier is obviously pretty heavy. When you have an almost four foot base made out of brass or iron then things are bound to become pretty heavy. Then when you add a couple hundred dangling crystal pendants then the antique chandelier can get pretty darn heavy. So installing it on your ceiling can be pretty risky especially when you roof may not be up to the job of holding up your chandelier. I'm sure you've seen movies of when a chandelier falls from the ceiling just inches of crushing someone I'm sure you don't want this happening to you when installing your brand new antique french chandelier.

2. The next problem you may run into is exactly how the chandelier is suppose to be installed. Some chandelier's installation method is relatively easy to figure out however some have you drilling multiple holes in the ceiling you should be sure that you understand exactly how to install it before doing so as you don't want to have multiple holes in your ceiling from failed installation attempts.

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  1. Whether the ceiling is made of wood or concrete,the best thing to do would be attaching an iron ringer which would hold it(depending on the height of course).A few antiques are easy to disintegrate and put up.
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