Monday, July 11, 2011

How Much Do Antique Chandeliers Cost?

Now the cost of antique chandeliers varies heavily on exactly what type and size of chandelier you want to purchase. For example a single tiered chandelier will generally cost less than a chandelier with multiple tiers. The material a chandelier is made out of will also have a huge impact on the overall price of that chandelier. If you buy an antique brass chandelier it will have a very different price from that of an antique iron chandelier.

How to Determine the Price of a Chandelier

There are many factors that you must consider when making a purchase on your antique chandelier. You must determine the quality of the chandelier first and foremost. For if the chandelier is broken and rusted its price will be much much less than if it was brand new. You must inspect it and be sure there are no loose screws or broken pendants as this will affect the value of the chandelier. You should also inspect the material it is made out of and the condition that material is in. As I said before whether you have a chandelier foundation made out of brass, iron, or even gold will effect the price of the chandelier paramountly so you must be sure to look at it. The material the pendants are made out of will also have a huge impact on the overall price of the chandelier. If the pendants are made out of glass it will be of the least value. It it is made out of quartz then it is of a slightly higher quality making it a high price because quartz is much harder to cut than glass. Finally if you are a real high roller there could be pendants made out of diamon. Since diamon is so hard and difficult to cut and of course rare this chandelier will be worth the most money.

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  1. Rusted and broken pieces can be made out with a thorough check. Glass/stone pendants usually cost a little higher. Any which way, vintage is always bliss:)
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