Saturday, July 9, 2011

Antique Vintage French Chandeliers

Antique French Chandeliers are known for their very impressive quality and workmanship. These chandeliers are top of the line, unfortunately they are becoming harder and harder to find in good quality. The most famous of these french chandeliers is probably the one found hanging in the Green Room of the White house. Chandeliers are a great decoration to having hanging from the ceiling and depending on how many tiers you want may cause it to be relatively small or massive.

Antique Vintage French Chandeliers

Chandelier originally were extremely simply, usually nothing more than two wooden planks nailed together in an cross formation with candles on the end. However, as people became wealthier in the early 12th century home furnishing became more lavish. This caused an evolution of the chandelier. One of the first antique vintage french chandeliers that we know about was created by Louise the 14th who was a monarch over the French people, known for his huge sums of gold. This is how chandeliers have become synonomous to wealth and prosperity. There are many different kinds of antique chandeliers including antique french brass chandeliers or antique french iron chandeliers. However if you are looking to buy a chandelier for a room make sure the room has very high ceilings as hanging a large chandelier from the room may make the room seem much smaller than it actually is.

Vintage French Chandeliers

If you have decided that a chandelier is what you want in your room then be sure to know that style you want. Whether you want it to be a single tier, multiple tiers, or layered tiers. As always a french chandelier is going to be your best bet as these this well in any environment. You simply can't go wrong with them.
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