Saturday, July 9, 2011

Early French Chandeliers

My idea for writing this post was to give a history of French Chandeliers and how they developed over time. This will hopefully give you a better appreciation for the art of chandelier making and help convince you to purchase an authentic French Chandelier.

Early French Chandelier

Before we humans invented electricity the only form of lighting we had during night time was from fire and generally we used candles or lamps to do this. However a single candle does not do a very good job of lighting an entire room. This is where the ingenious idea of a chandelier came along. People started making wooden bases that could hold many candles or lamps. They would generally hang from the ceiling so the light could be spread out around the room. French Chandeliers were at first built out of necesity. However as people started to become wealthier chandelier became much more elegant and difficult to make. Soon people started placing the candles on iron/brass base and placed the candles or lamp wicks in them. Soon some chandeliers lost their light source and were only used for decoration and had no lighting purpose at all. Now you see elegant gold plated holders with quartz pendants dangling off it refracting all the light that passes through. Thats why antique french chandeliers are so prized.

Are There Diamond Pendant Chandeliers?

Yes, some people enjoy displaying their wealth so much that they invest in very extravegant chandeliers some made out of pure gold for the chandelier frame and the pendants are made out of diamonds.

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