Sunday, July 10, 2011

Iron Chandelier

Most chandeliers you come across will be made out of brass or copper to give it a very metallic look however every now and then you will come across an iron chandelier. Now it is important to say that you will not find many antique french chandeliers that are made out of iron usually you will come across brass chandeliers however some people enjoy the cool dull color that iron chandeliers give off as oppose to their shiny cousins. However, if purchasing an iron chandelier be sure that you keep it in good condition in a very dry area or you may find your self dealing with rusting on your iron chandelier.

Antique Iron Chandeliers

Iron chandeliers have been around for some time, because of the microscopic make up of iron it is a little bit stronger than brass which makes it a very good substitute to brass to make a chandelier out of. Iron Chandeliers rarely have to be repaired because of damage to them because they are so strong.
However depending on the purity of the iron the price of the chandelier will vary for iron chandelier. It if is 100% iron with little to no impurities then the price will be much higher that that of a chandelier made with "dirtier" iron.  But again you must be sure the iron chandelier does not rust at all for if it does then your iron chandelier will no longer have a gray metallic color but it will turn a nasty greenish blue. Rust can also destroy the value of your chanedlier as rust is very hard to remove from an metal but especially from a chandelier because you must be careful not to damage the pendants crystals that are hanging from the chandelier. SO hopefully this post will better help you decide whether to purchase an antique iron chandelier or a brass chandelier.

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