Saturday, July 9, 2011

Antique French Brass Chandelier

Know if you have been reading this website for a while you know about the different kind of french chandeliers that are out there. However have you heard about antique french brass chandeliers?

Antique French Brass Chandeliers

These types of chandeliers are made out of brass, which is usually looks a lot like gold. These chandeliers are very interesting as the brass reflects light very well making the pendants dangling from it shine with the light. These have been in production since the 1500's when brass was discovered. Again you must be sure this is the type of chandelier that you want hanging in your house so I will try to give you all the facts.

Antique French Brass Chandeliers Pros

As I said before these pieces are very cool and sometimes people really enjoy how the crystal pendants hang from the brass branches of the chandelier. These create very cool effects and the chandelier helps to part the light creating the entire color spectrum. Also if you keep to brass very clean it will have a metallic luster to it making it appear almost like gold.

Antique French Brass Chandeliers Cons

So now that you know the pros we need to talk about the cons. It you like a very clean and shiny chandelier then you must take very good care of this antique french chandelier as they have been known to rust. However some people love the old look that rust and color change gives these chandeliers. So that decision is up to you. Brass is also a very heavy metal so these chandelier tend to weight a whole lot, so be sure that your ceiling is up to the challenge of supporting this lighting fixture.

Well there you go, now the decision is yours on whether to buy a vintage antique chandelier or a more modern chandelier.

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