Friday, August 12, 2011

Termite Treatment | Orange Oil

<h1> Orange Oil Termite Treatment </h1>

I received a question from a reader the other day that read like this " I have noticed that the ceiling above where my antique french chandelier is hanging appears to be flaking away. This is very scary as I do not want my chandelier crashing to the ground.  Upon further inspection of the ceiling I noticed that it appears small bugs are in the wood above it. Is there anything i can do that will help get the bugs out of the wood without causing possible damage to my chandelier?"

Well the answer to your troubles appears to be orange oil termite treatment! I did a little research about problems with termite infestations and it seems that some people preach about how effective this little treatment is. It is also relatively cheap when compared to other more expensive forms of treatment. Orange oil termite treatment is done by placing orange oil, which messes with termites sensitive body and will eventually kill them. You can simply place this anywhere where the termites are living and the termites will start to die. The best thing about this orange oil treatment is that it will not cause any damage to the structure supporting your antique chandelier or the chandelier itself. This is great if you are worried about the chandelier falling or being damaged by certain products.

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  1. Orange oil is a powerful solvent and is strong enough to melt plastic. It is the best source for termite treatments. They stay a while longer.
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